For Talent&Crew

Find rewarding jobs

Almontage is a great place to run and grow your own freelance business in the video production industry. We provide our members with:

  • Talent exposure. Create powerful professional profiles with portfolio, skills, experience, and education to prove your expertise and find an appropriate job.
  • Variety of projects. Choose among hundreds of skills categories and thousandsof job posts.
  • Freedom of choice. Feel free to choose the job you’re really interested in and projects you want to work for.

Get hired quickly

Almontage easily connects companies with talents and crew from around the globe.

  • Streamlined hiring. Apply for a job or get invited from companies and participate in the interview and casting remotely.
  • Ranked profiles. Get hired faster by increasing your profile ranks.
  • Verified companies. Work with credible employers only. We provide company’s verification in order to ensure trustful hiring.
For Talent&Crew
For Talent&Crew

Collaborate conveniently

We allow applicants and employers to enhance overall casting management process.

  • Chat and live interview. Communicate with potential employers via text messages and get interviewed online via video calls from any corner of the world.
  • Notifications. Get notified about new messages, job proposals, invitations to interviews and other activities in order not to miss a chance of getting a dream job.
For Employers

Find employees easily

Almontage creates a perfect environment for talents search. Hiring the best acting talents is as easy as that:

  • Create your company profile. Sign up on a platform in a few simple steps. Get verified and start connecting to the right talents.
  • Invite team members. Select access level and send invitations to your team members required for the casting process.
  • Post job vacancies. Tell everyone about your project, roles, and skills required.

Hire the best talents

We provide companies with top-tier specialists from actors, film/TV crew, and theatre professionals to artists, models, and other professionals in the video production industry.

  • Look over profiles. Browse profiles to learn about Talents & Crew experience and skills.
  • Review proposals. Review the applicants, engage your team/experts for evaluation process member to choose the best ones for your project.
  • Schedule interviews. Run the live interview to ask specific questions, provide more details about the project, and hire applicants that fit your vacancy best.
For Employers
For Employers

Collaborate conveniently

Almontage provides an easy and fast process of finding talents and crew for your video projects. We enhance the overall casting management process for both talents and employers.

  • Chat and live interview. Communicate with potential employees via text messages and run interview online via video calls from any corner of the world.
  • Notifications. Get notified about new messages, applications, upcoming interviews, and other activities in order not to miss a chance of hiring top talents.

Who are Almontage customers? downarrow

Our platform can be useful for production houses looking for human resources, and talents & crew looking for interesting projects to work for.

What is a subscription plan? downarrow

On Almontage, companies can look for candidates for free or choose a subscription plan to use the limitless benefits of Almontage Premium. Almontage Premium allows production houses to invite more team members, invite external members, promote their job posts, track the job views, and set up live interviews with applicants.

What value does Almontage bring to employers? downarrow

Employers can take advantage of the entire casting management process starting from posting a job vacancy, candidates experience evaluation, and ending up with selecting the best performer for their project. Companies can:

  • access a board of human resources in video production industry
  • save time and money with direct access to talents
  • review candidate portfolios before interviews
  • conduct remote interviewing

What value does Almontage bring to Talents & Crew? downarrow

Talents & Crew get access to hundreds of interesting projects and thousands of rewarding jobs just in one place. Applicants have the opportunity to prove their expertise in many different ways and stand out among others. Almontage allows talents to:

  • create powerful professional profiles with a portfolio
  • choose only trustworthy companies
  • get interviewed remotely

What jobs can be posted on the platform? downarrow

Employers may post any job vacancies related to the video production industry. Almontage network can connect production houses with actors, film and TV crew, and models.